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For students
Standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge students need to know.
For teachers
Standards for evaluating the skills and knowledge educators need to teach.

Adventures in Thought
Fast animations explain famous thought experiments that've changed the world.
Brainstorm and Mind Mapping Tool.
Ever Note
Remember everything, everywhere, all the time.
A platform to collect and brainstorm your writing ideas.
Great list of organizers for note taking and brainstorming.
100th Day
Activities galore for celebrating and integrating 100 days of school.


Everyday Math
The resource and information center developed by Everyday Mathematics.
Integer Worksheets
Find loads of integer worksheets from Math-Drills.com.
Meaning and fun ways to improve your computation.
Khan Academy
Free video tutorials for all mathematical concepts.
Math tutorial videos taught by students.
The Math Worksheet
Create math worksheets to practice what you are learning.


Dragonfly TV
Packed with hands-on activities and interview with real-life scientists.


ABC Teach
Create shaped word searches with vocabulary words.
Learning Games For Kids
Cool games that build skills in all subjects areas.
Order Me Around
Reinforces sequencing skills in science, vocabulary, and geography.
Paint By Idiom
Matching idioms with their correct definition is the goal of this game.
Make your own word search or crossword puzzle for free.
RhymeZone Dictionary
Find rhymes, synonyms, definitions and more.
Rooting Out Words
Identify the roots of words.
Students unscramble words in many curriculum areas.
Spell Check
Recognize and correct misspelled words.
Recognize misspelled words.
Snappy Words
Free Online Visual English Dictionary and Thesaurus.
Spelling City
Spelling and Vocabulary games and activities.
Letters, Anagrams and Mathematics Games.
Stay Afloat
This version of Hangman tests kids' vocabulary in all areas.
Find synonyms and antonyms of words.
Spelling and math games that let competitors play others from around the world.
Vocabulary Games
A fun way to build vocabulary and test preparation made fun.
Word Confusion
Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.
Word Search
Word search on the SmartBoard.
Word Puzzles
Capstone Kids word search puzzles by categories.


Grammar Gorillas
The parts of speech reinforced.
Plural Girls
Practice recognizing the correct forms of plurals.
Punctuation Is Important
A video emphasizing the importance of punctuation.
School House Rock
Rock on with these classic videos on grammar.
The Oatmeal
Comic, quizzes and stories - funny grammar lessons.


Alternative Book Reports
50 ways to leave the traditional book report and share your story.
Free audio books online.
Book Chomper
Blog by middle school English teacher who devours young adult books.
Confessions, thoughts and recommendations from a serial book reader.
Fun Brain
More fun with these reading and writing games and activities.
Free Books Online
Free children's books for reading and listening to online.
From the Mixed-Up Files
This top-notch blog features news about the latest middle-grade books.
Just Right Books
A teacher and parent guideline for how to select Just Right books.
Kid Litosphere Central
A comprehensive list of children's book blogs including recent published books.
Learning Games For Kids
Cool games that build skills in all subjects areas.
RIF Game Station
Have some fun with these reading and writing games and activities.
Sign the Alphabet
American Sign Language letters and numbers are reviewed.
ebooks for kids: read-aloud and audio book cloud.
Happy healthy reading endorsed by the National Center for Family Literacy
Young Adult Books Central
Featuring teen book reviews for in young adult literature.


Stay connected to your classroom, collaborate and share content.
Write on! This student, teacher friendly blog site doesn't require an email address to create the blog site.
Introduce yourself through comic strips and create stories.
Write and create tests using Google Docs. Easy grading for teachers and students.
Fun Brain
More fun with these reading and writing games and activities.
100 Word Challenge
Annual creative writing challenge and contest.
Learning Games For Kids
Cool games that build skills in all subjects areas.
Lego City Comic Creator
Creative writing using Lego City Comic builder.
RIF Game Station
Have some fun with these reading and writing games and activities.
Create cool word clouds and shapes to print or embed into your wiki or blog
Turn It In
Find out if people are plagiarizing others' work.
Typing Adventure
Learn and practice typing in a fun way.
Wacky Tales
Type in parts of speech to finish the story.
Online notice board and wall maker.
A toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.
Words of Wisdom Quote
Quote writing activity.


Photo search engine with Creative Commons filter.
Documentary Tube
Watch full-length documentaries online for free. Hundreds to choose from in searchable categories.
Search over a 100 encyclopedias and dictionaries.
Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Information on key topics and philosophers in all areas of philosophy.
Educational search engine that helps find quality information, images and video.
Kid friendly search engine built by kids. Great for finding kids' drawings.
Photo Pin
Creative Commons (free) photo search engine.
Those Were the Days
Historical events that happened on the current date.
Today in History
Library of Congress collection of events that happened on current date.
Search engine that sorts material by the appropriate readability level.
Wolfram Alpha
Computational knowledge search engine.
Where to Do Research
Lists of categories of what you websites for research.


Create stunning slideshow presentations, including book trailers.
Locate photos and images for visual inspiration.
Creative Commons
Share, remix and reuse photos legally, especially for research papers.
Creative Compositions
A collection of student created videos that would be useful for video ideas.
Draw a Stick Man
Draw a stick character and watch them come to life.
Documentary Tube
Free educational video documentaries.
Fake Facebook
Create a fake Facebook profile for a biography or book character.
Poster yourself with text, images, music, and video.
Google Tricks
100+ Google Tricks for Education
Snazzy way to publish documents.
Creating amazing presentations online.
Photo image editing tools.
A clever way to collect and manage your video tutorial collection.
Ted Talks
Ideas worth spreading in 20 minutes or less.
View Pure
Allows to display YouTube videos without seeing the "related videos" and advertisements.
Great for storytelling. Group conversations around images, documents, and videos.
Watch Know Learn
Free educational videos organized for educators.
A toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.


Add This
Sharing social widgets like Twitter, Facebook, Blogger.
Big Huge Labs
Helping you do cool stuff with photos.
Take a complicated URL and shorten it down to something much more manageable.
Easy Test Maker
Free online test generator to help you create your tests.
Family Lobby
Find snazzy widgets for your welcome message and tagline.
Google Tricks
100+ Google Tricks for Teachers
QR Codes
12 Ways to use QR codes in the classroom.
Smart Board Goodies
Blog dedicated to SmartBoard resources.
Smart Board Tools
Smart Board resources, tips and tutorials.
Create cool word clouds and shapes to print or embed into your wiki or blog
Web Tool Wiki
Web 2.0 How to for teachers
Word Turtle
Students can design their own word searches.
Tricked Out Wiki
How to trick out your wikispaces.
iPad Apps
ScreenChomp ShowMe SoundDrop 40 Apps for Science

Art Pad
Blank slate drawing utilities allow users to select from a variety of drawing and painting tools.
Drawing utility that creates images out of controlled chaos.
Coloring 4 All
Offers free printable coloring pages, online puzzles, and an online drawing board.
Crayola Canvas
Provides a blank canvas on which they can draw using virtual markers, crayons, pencils, and paints.
Draw Island
Free online tool for creating drawings and simple GIF animations.
Draw It Live
Offers a free space for you to instantly create a collaborative whiteboard to use with anyone you like.
Simple service that allows people to quickly and easily collaborate on the creation of a drawing.
Famous People Painting
Hover and click on the famous to learn about who they are and their history.
Simple Whiteboard
This Chrome Web App can be used offline.
A free, feature-rich, online drawing tablet.


Just Right Reading

Google Webinar Happily Ever After: Enhancing Language Arts Through Google Apps

Slideshow Presentation


Google Public Data
external image Tableau-Visualisation2.png
external image Google-Visualisation.png
Tableau is a free Windows-only software for creating visualisations. As you can see, these impressive graphs are colourful and quite unique.
Google Public Data lets you easily take public data and transform it into an infographic of your choice. These beautiful, colourful graphics simplify and communicate the data perfectly.
Stat Planet
external image StatPlanet.png
external image Creately-Diagrams.png
Stat Planet allows you to create some amazing interactive visualisations, which you can then use as is or create a static image. It can be used within your browser or downloaded for free. Stat Planet gives you access to some great world data and lets you customise that in your visualisations. It also has some great map-based visualisations to try.
Creately lets you make easy-to-make diagrams and flow charts (easy to collaborate too). When you start, you can choose from a number of purpose-designed diagram types and quickly add your data to make your own chart. The end result looks very professional.
NY Times Visualization Lab
Many Eyes
external image NY-Times-Visualization-lab.png
external image Many-Eyes-Visualisation-SMS-Frequency.png
New York Times’ Visualization Lab lets you use statistics from recent NYTimes articles to create visualisations in various formats. You can also see other people’s visualisations and see how other people choose to display the same data.
Many Eyes lets you upload your own data or use data already stored on the site. The visualisations themselves are well-designed and very professional-looking. This is definitely the easiest way to use your own data for online visualisations.


external image inkscape_rpg_map.png
GapMinder is a free Adobe Air (cross-platform by nature) application to ensure you have current data on major world issues and can create visualisations for your purposes. Data is updated yearly and released with new versions of the application. The visuals are also quite impressive!
Inkscape is a free vector graphic software available for many platforms. This is the ideal free option for the creation of your overall infographic. Simple and intuitive, you should have no problems importing your visualisations and combining them with other visuals to create your masterpiece.

external image Wordle-visualisation.png
external image Hohli-Visualisations.png
Wordle lets you create word visualisations using text you enter. There are plenty of interesting designs to choose from. Enter whole books, short passages or see what other people have used. In this example, we can see the US constitution visualised.
Hohli is an intuitive, simple online chart maker. It’s incredibly easy to pick your chart type, add some data, vary the sizes and colors and see the finished chart. The finished charts are also very well designed and look great!
Web Tools by Martin Burnett

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